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Beefing-up Your Off-Road SUV: The Five Best Accessories for the Ford Bronco

Ford unveiled the new Bronco some two years ago after numerous speculations and unofficial renders. Gauging by the hype and the subsequent pileup of orders, the decision has certainly paid off. Ford’s idea to resurrect an old nameplate coincides with many other automakers’ decision to tap into the nostalgia of their customers. However, Ford has been particularly successful with its strategy to dig into people’s memory lanes. So much so, that a host of Ford Bronco accessories have popped up in the market. The sheer variety of Bronco accessories has allowed the SUV owners to customize their prized possession to their heart’s content.

Having good aftermarket support is a great plus point for any vehicle, though it may get a bit confusing if things get a bit out of hands. This is what precisely has happened with Bronco owners and enthusiasts. The vast number of Ford Bronco accessories, especially the Bronco Sport accessories has led to people scratching their heads as to what they need or what would actually suit their off-road SUV.

Worry not as we have compiled here a list of Ford Bronco updates that we think would be ideally suited for any trim or variant of the latest Bronco. So, without further ado, let’s dig into which aftermarket components would fit well into a Ford Bronco:


Ford Bronco Lift Kit:

The new Ford Bronco retains the same off-roading DNA as its predecessor so it’s no secret that it will perform the best in its natural habitat i.e., off-road terrains, rocks, and sand. The SUV is capable of performing well in such terrains in its standard configuration, however, there is always room for improvement. A lift kit will not only enhance your Bronco's stance but will also make it a hardcore off-roader. At Radbroncoparts, we have got the best Bronco lift kits, spacers, and aftermarket suspension systems, and that too from renowned third-party manufacturers such as Rough Country, Icon, and Readylift. In case you really want to amp up the suspension system, then Icon's Stage 3 & 4 suspension system should be your ideal choice. These suspension systems increase the front and rear suspension travel by up to 11.5” and 14” respectively, therefore they are one of the best Ford Bronco updates one can opt for. All these specifications may sound a bit overwhelming, but the reality is all these high-end aftermarket suspension setups are bolt-on, meaning no modifications are required to fit them.


Aftermarket Bumpers & Grilles:

Aftermarket bumpers are probably one of the first exterior accessories off-roading enthusiasts choose for their ride when shopping for aftermarket components. The Ford Bronco is no different in this regard and Bronco modular bumpers are one of the highly searched queries on the internet. At Radbroncoparts, a variety of both front and rear bumpers are available. From heavy-duty, hand-built, and grille guard-equipped Bronco bumper to a stealthy front metal bumper, we have got you covered. If these rather pricey options are out of your budget, then we have some affordable offerings too. The affordable ones may not be as macho or hardcore as the $2000 ones, but they have got plenty of capability to supplement the off-roading capabilities of your Bronco. Not to forget Bronco’s aftermarket rear bumper that we have in store for you. It retains the stock parking sensors, leaves enough room for tires of up to 37", and features cut-outs for off-road jack use. Regardless of whichever aftermarket bumper you opt for your Bronco, there are plenty of customizations you can do with them, though some are offered with DRLs as standard or as an optional extra.


Skid Plate:

Every seasonal off-roader or even an amateur knows that the undercarriage of a vehicle is its most vulnerable area when traversing through rough terrain. To ensure its protection, you need a quality metal skid plate and not the OEM skid plate that is made from plastic. The Stealth Fighter front skid plate for Bronco available at Radbroncoparts bolts onto the same slots as the OEM skid plate and offers superb protection. The aluminum alloy used doesn’t weigh as much as steel and at the same time is almost corrosion-proof. Last but certainly not least is the fact that the skid plate has been fully manufactured in the U.S, so what better underbelly protection would there be for your Ford Bronco than a quality U.S-made front metal skid plate?


Winch Mount:

Winch mounts are paramount in providing an additional layer of protection to the winch attached. For a purpose-built off-roader like the Bronco, it is rather compulsory to have a winch mount. If a high winch mount isn’t to your liking, then a hidden winch mount is the best alternative. The Rough Country hidden winch offered at Rad Bronco Parts fits winch sizes of up to 12,000 lbs. and at the same doesn’t obstruct wind flow to the intercooler. Backed by a lifetime warranty, only minor cutting is required to fit this winch mount. Aside from the cutting, the procedure is quite straightforward and can be easily done at home with standard tools.


Interior Accessories:

Exterior accessories often steal all the spotlight which is why many prefer to leave the interior in its stock shape and form. However, there are always some vital components you can fit into your Bronco's interior. The off-road communication radio and storage box are just two of many important interior updates for the Ford Bronco. Fortunately, both are up for grabs at Radbroncoparts, and these aren’t some accessories just for showing off; they actually serve an important purpose. The off-road radio enables you to keep in touch around the trail or to notify the people behind you of an important update. On the other hand, the lockable storage box provides ample room to store tools, gears, and other related stuff that may come in handy whenever you go off the grid.



Are Ford Bronco aftermarket parts expensive?

It depends, you can get an aftermarket Bronco bumper for as low as $300 or as high as $2000 for a heavy-duty one. It’s a similar case for any other component. Since the sixth-generation Bronco is relatively new, the prices for its aftermarket parts are a bit on the higher side as of now. The prices will likely come down over time as competition increases.


Can Ford Bronco be flat-towed?

The sixth generation/latest Bronco can be easily flat-towed. All the variants of Bronco have this capability, though the Bronco Sport variant is an exception. This is because Ford hasn’t engineered it to be flat towed as the automaker’s research showed that few Bronco Sport owners would be planning on towing their SUV.


How much can the Ford Bronco tow?

The 2022 or the sixth generation of Ford Bronco has a towing capacity of up to 3500 lbs. for all its variants except the Raptor which can tow up to 4500 lbs.

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