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Form Lighting Bronco Headlights: The Top Choice?

Upgrading the front end of our Ford Bronco with Form Lighting's Sequential LED Projector Headlights was quite the transformation. Not only has it punched up the aggression on the vehicle's appearance, but the lighting performance is on a whole other level now.

Immediately upon installation, we noticed the distinct full LED low and high beam that not only improved our nighttime visibility drastically but also added a dynamic touch with its sequential turn signals. The snappy startup sequence caught the eye of nearly everyone in the parking lot, speaking volumes about the pair's modern aesthetic appeal.

Form Lighting LED Headlights



The intuitive plug-and-play design also meant we didn't waste a minute on complex wiring, as these headlights fit right into the existing factory connectors. Though we have to admit, getting used to all that attention from the chasing sequence each time we turned on the running lights was something we didn't foresee, but it definitely makes for an ultra-premium look.

Bottom Line

For Broncos and Bronco Raptors from 2021 to 2024 owners, these headlights are a solid choice.

They combine functionality, simplicity of installation, and a standout design for a front-end makeover that will turn heads.

Ready for an upgrade? Check out the Sequential LED Projector Headlights here and light up your ride.

Overview of Sequential LED Projector Headlights for Ford Bronco/Bronco Raptor 2021-2024

Upgrading our trusty Bronco with the Form Lighting Sequential LED Headlights brought a transformative look and performance improvement we didn't think was possible.

The moment we turned these lights on, the front end of our Bronco took on a much more aggressive, modern appeal.

The difference was immediately noticeable, with the LED low and high beams delivering a crisp, bright light that significantly enhanced visibility during night drives.

Not only did the headlights look sleek with their integrated modern DRL and sharp cutoff, but the sequential turn signals added an extra touch of sophistication. It was captivating to see the amber LEDs sweep across each time we signaled a turn, and the smooth "switch back" to the DRL post-turn was seamless.

The welcome sequence was a crowd-pleaser, too—activating a two-stage chasing sequence that made the Bronco feel extra premium every time the running lights were turned on. And despite the complex look of these upgrades, the installation was surprisingly simple.

It was a true plug-and-play experience, requiring no extra wiring or technical wizardry, making it accessible for DIY enthusiasts like ourselves.

As a compact touch, the compatibility with various Bronco models from 2021 to the 2024 Raptor ensures a wide range of Bronco owners can enjoy these headlights. The improved functionality and aesthetics gave us a sense of satisfaction knowing we were making both a safe and stylish choice.

Distinctive Style and Visibility

form lighting bronco

When we first laid eyes on the Form Lighting's Sequential LED Projector Headlights, the modern aggressive look of the units left a strong impression.

The illumination these lights provide is crystal clear, thanks to the four LED projectors that cut through darkness with precision. The broad width and high intensity of the beams significantly enhance the driving experience at night.

The turn signals are no less impressive, with a sleek sequential feature that adds a contemporary edge every time we indicate a turn.

It's not just the functionality that catches the eye; the smooth, choreographed amber lights bring a touch of class that we found hard to overlook.

However, the real show-stopper here is the startup sequence. Every time we fired up the Bronco, these lights performed a two-stage chasing sequence, greeting us with a light show that exudes a premium feel. This feature alone makes the headlights a conversation piece among spectators.

The ease of installation rounded out our positive experience, with a straightforward, no-fuss setup that connected effortlessly to the factory headlight connector. This plug-and-play installation meant we didn't need to waste any time with wiring or endure any annoying errors or flickering.

Advanced Lighting Technology

After installing these headlights on our Bronco, we've noticed a significant improvement in visibility during night rides. The four LED projectors cast a strong and focused beam, elevating our driving experience with a clear view of the road ahead.

We appreciated the sharp cutoff that prevents blinding oncoming traffic and the broad width that lights up the roadside.

The amber LEDs on the turn signals add a striking sequential sweep every time we signal a turn, reverting back to the DRL after manoeuvres.

It's a subtle but slick touch that garners attention. The two-stage chasing sequence during the startup is another aspect that gives the vehicle an ultra-premium aura.

While there's a lot to love, the headlights are not without small inconveniences. The installation, though plug-and-play, can be tricky if you're not used to handling vehicle electronics. It could have been simpler. However, once set up, we faced no issues with errors, flickering, or hyperflashing.

Seamless Integration and Installation

From the moment we unpacked the Sequential LED Projector Headlights from Form Lighting, we knew the installation process was going to be a breeze.

Upon holding the units, their sturdy build spoke volumes about the quality, and they matched the Bronco's specifications perfectly, signifying no need for drilling or additional modifications.

The plug-and-play nature meant that these headlights were ready to connect directly to the factory headlight connector.

We were particularly impressed by how seamlessly they integrated with the Bronco's system. With the inclusion of adapters, even those without factory DRL were accounted for, eliminating any potential compatibility issues.

This kind of thoughtfulness in design ensures a hassle-free installation experience.

The lack of error messages, flickering, or hyperflashing was a relief. It validated Form Lighting's promises of a smooth and straightforward upgrade.

It's refreshing to come across aftermarket parts that live up to the simplicity they advertise, and these headlights did precisely that.

Pros and Cons


After recently outfitting our Bronco with the new Form Lighting Sequential LED Projector Headlights, we've observed some clear advantages.

The headlights offer a striking, modern appearance that truly differentiates our vehicle from others. The integrated full LED setup not only looks stellar but also improves night-time visibility significantly with its intense beam pattern.

The sequential turn signals are a standout feature, providing a smooth, eye-catching indication that adds to the overall safety and stylish flair of our Bronco.

We particularly enjoy the startup sequence – a welcoming two-stage chase that captures attention whenever we ignite the vehicle.

Installation was a breeze, as everything was plug-and-play. We appreciated not having to modify any existing wiring, making this upgrade approachable even for those of us who aren't automotive DIY experts.

The inclusion of adapters for trucks without DRL was very thoughtful, ensuring a broad compatibility with various Bronco models.


However, not everything was perfect.

With only a handful of reviews, we were initially skeptical about the long-term reliability and performance of these headlights.

It's worth mentioning that although the installation is straightforward, those of us new to vehicle modifications may require a bit more time to ensure a proper setup.

Given the premium features and build quality, the price point may be on the higher side for some. For those on a budget, the cost might be a significant consideration, especially when other expenses or upgrades are in line for their Bronco.

Lastly, the innovative design and unique functions of these headlights may not resonate with everyone's taste. For Bronco owners seeking a more traditional look, the modern, aggressive styling could be a downside. It's all about personal preference when it comes to vehicle aesthetics.

Customer Impressions

We've found that these Sequential LED Projector Headlights by Form Lighting have certainly made a splash in the Bronco community.

With a perfect rating score from three reviews, it appears users are very satisfied with their purchase.

It's pretty clear that they've not only enhanced the night driving experience but also given the Bronco a sleek, modern look.

The ease of installation has been pointed out by a user, which is quite a relief because who wants to struggle with car mods?

Plus, the excitement in anticipation of enhancing their vehicle's appearance is a sentiment echoed by several users.

Although we do not have a full update post-installation from one of the reviewers, their initial reaction speaks volumes about the product's aesthetic appeal.

Our takeaway reflects that these projector headlights are well-received for their functionality and design, giving off the impression that they are a worthy investment for Bronco owners looking for an upgrade.

Product Specifications

Having recently installed the Sequential LED Projector Headlights on a Ford Bronco, we've taken a pretty thorough look through its specs and performance.

Form Lighting has designed these headlights to snugly fit the Bronco's aesthetic, with dimensions that promise a no-fuss installation at 21.5 inches in length, 19.5 inches in width, and 16.5 inches in height.

These headlights shine with a high beam special feature, which comes in quite handy on dark, unlit paths. The amber lens color adds a distinctive look to the vehicle while ensuring other drivers can see you well.

We've found them well-suited for trucks, giving the Ford Bronco a refreshed, modern appearance.

The brand launched these headlights in November 2023, and although they don't rank at the top of Amazon’s bestseller list, they hold their ground with a strong 5-star average from the ratings we've seen.

Weighing in at 22 pounds for the pair, these lights are robust without being overly heavy, suggesting quality materials and build.

It's important to note that while these features are impressive, individual experiences may vary, so consider how these specs match up with your specific needs.


We've recently had the opportunity to upgrade our Ford Bronco with these sequential LED projector headlights from Form Lighting.

After a few weeks of use, we're impressed by the significant improvement in nighttime visibility and the sleek look they add to the vehicle.

The installation was quite seamless; even those of us who aren't particularly handy found the process manageable with a bit of patience.

While they are indeed stylish, and we've received several compliments, there is more to these headlights than just looks. They illuminate the road effectively, making driving in dark conditions safer.

On the flip side, the cost could be a consideration, but in our experience, the value for the level of quality is justified.

We haven't encountered any downsides in their performance so far, and it has been a wholly positive addition to the Bronco's functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

When installing new headlights on your beloved Ford Bronco, it's natural to have questions. We've compiled a list of common queries to help you make an informed decision about the Form Lighting Sequential LED Projector Headlights.

How do I install Form Lighting headlights on a Ford Bronco?


Installing these headlights is designed to be uncomplicated. We found that they're completely plug-and-play, with no wiring modifications needed. Here's a basic run-down:

  1. Remove the existing headlight assembly by releasing the clips or screws that hold it in place.
  2. Disconnect the wiring from the old headlight.
  3. Align the Form Lighting headlight with the mounting area and connect the factory headlight connector.
  4. Secure the new headlight assembly with the original clips or screws.
  5. If your truck lacks daytime running lights, use the included adapters. We didn't need any additional tools, and the process was surprisingly smooth.

What are common issues with Form Lighting Bronco headlights not working?

Through our experience and research, most issues come down to connection errors. Here's what we found:

  • Ensure all connectors are tightly secured: Loose connections can cause the lights to malfunction.
  • Check your vehicle's fuse box: A blown fuse could be the culprit.
  • Look for any error messages on the dash: This may indicate whether there is a compatibility issue or a fault that needs more specific attention.

How do Form Lighting Bronco headlights compare to other brands in terms of performance?

We've observed the performance of these headlights and can confidently say they shine brightly against competitors. Their four LED projectors provide intense and broad lighting. This is a significant improvement over standard halogens. The sharp cutoff also ensures you won't blind oncoming traffic.

What are the reviews saying about Form Lighting’s product reliability?

With a five-star rating across the board, the sentiment seems sincerely positive. Users commend the straightforward installation and note a significant enhancement in visibility. No complaints regarding reliability were discovered within our analysis or the reviews we summarized.

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