The Best Roush Bronco Wheels for Your Off-Road Adventures


Are you searching for high-quality aftermarket wheels for your Bronco adventures? Nothing can enhance the performance and aesthetic appeal of your weekend beast, the Ford Bronco, better than the right set of wheels. And, when it comes to superior quality and ruggedness, Roush Bronco wheels set the bar high.

Having an attractive and durable set of wheels is more than a style statement for Bronco enthusiasts. It's vital for tackling those off-road trails and ensuring a safe, exhilarating ride. Amid all the options available in the market, choosing suitable wheels like those offered by Roush, characterized by their robust construction and exceptional off-road capabilities, can feel overwhelming at times.

Plus, your Bronco isn't just any other SUV – it's designed for unrestricted, wild off-road adventures. That's why each component, including the wheels, needs to be highly resilient and reliable, which are qualities Roush Bronco wheels are credited for.

But why Roush Bronco wheels? What sets them apart? Here's a quick overview to introduce you to the excellent features and benefits these wheels can bring to your off-road explorations.

Key Roush Bronco Wheel Specs:

  • Recommended for: 2020-2023 Ford Bronco
  • Wheel Diameter: 17 (inch)
  • Style: Iridium Grey
  • Off-road capabilities: Accommodate all- and mud-terrain tires
  • Durability: Tested for rigorous off-road use
  • Installation: Designed for use with factory lug nuts
  • Part Number: 422302

Roush Bronco Wheel Key Features - roush bronco wheels infographic pillar-4-steps

Now, let's delve deeper into aftermarket Bronco wheels by Roush as we discuss specifications, design, compatibility, and off-road credentials in the following sections. Whether you're just starting your journey, or are an avid Bronco fan looking for an upgrade, you'll find the answers here at Rad Bronco Parts.

Understanding Wheel Specifications for Ford Bronco

Before diving into the specifics about Roush Bronco Wheels, it's crucial to understand the wheel specifications for the Ford Bronco. These specifications include wheel diameter, bolt pattern, and wheel offset. They play a significant role in determining the compatibility, performance, and aesthetics of the wheels on your Bronco.

Wheel Diameter and Bolt Pattern for Ford Bronco

Ford Broncos typically work with 16" or 17" wheel diameters, with 17" being the most popular option. The bolt pattern is essential for ensuring that the wheel fits onto the vehicle correctly. For all Ford Broncos from 2019 to 2023 (except the Raptor model), the bolt pattern is 6x139.7 OR 6x5.5.

Wheel Offset for Ford Bronco

The wheel offset is another crucial specification. It's the distance from the mounting surface of the wheel to the true centerline. The wheel offset for Ford Bronco ranges depending on the model. For instance, the base model has a wheel size of 16x7 and an offset of +55. Other models, such as the Big Bend, Outer Banks, and Black Diamond, have a wheel size of 17x7.5 or 18x7.5 and also feature an offset of +55.

Bolt Pattern for Ford Bronco Sport

Moving onto the Ford Bronco Sport, the bolt pattern changes slightly. For 2021 and newer models, the bolt pattern is 5x108. So if you're interested in an off-road style or stance, our recommendation for this model is a size of 17x8.

Bolt Pattern for Ford Bronco 2023

Looking ahead to the Ford Bronco 2023 model, it maintains the 6x139.7 bolt pattern seen in earlier models. This consistency in bolt pattern is great news as it ensures a wide range of wheel options for Bronco drivers.

Armed with this knowledge, you're now equipped to make informed decisions about the best Roush Bronco Wheels for your vehicle. In the next section, we'll dive into specific Roush Bronco Wheel models and how they can enhance your off-road adventures.

Roush 17-Inch Wheel Upgrade for 2021-2022 Ford Bronco

If you are a Ford Bronco enthusiast looking to upgrade your vehicle's wheels, the Roush 17-Inch Wheel is an excellent option to consider.

Design and Styling of Roush 17-Inch Wheel

The design and styling of the Roush 17-Inch Wheel are truly eye-catching. Finished in Iridium Grey, these wheels are treated and constructed to withstand rigorous off-road use. The unique ROUSH Bronco styling sets them apart from usual aftermarket wheel options. The wheels feature a +25mm offset and are engineered to conveniently use factory lug nuts. The kit comes with one ROUSH-designed wheel, carefully designed to accent the details of your vehicle and elevate its overall aesthetic .

Off-Road Capabilities of Roush 17-Inch Wheel

The Roush 17-Inch Wheel isn't just about looks. These wheels are designed to accommodate most off-road tires, including all-terrain and mud-terrain offerings. They are tested well beyond the usual aftermarket standards, ensuring durability and reliability for your off-road adventures. This makes the Roush 17-Inch Wheel a must-have for every Bronco enthusiast looking to enhance their vehicle's off-road performance.

Installation and Compatibility of Roush 17-Inch Wheel

Installation of the Roush 17-Inch Wheel is straightforward and should take approximately one hour of labor time. The wheels are designed to use factory lug nuts, making the installation process more convenient. When it comes to compatibility, these wheels are a perfect fit for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco. However, it's always a good practice to check the specifications of your vehicle model before making a purchase.

At Rad Bronco Parts, we understand that choosing the right wheels for your Bronco is crucial for both the vehicle's performance and your driving experience. That's why we offer a wide range of high-quality wheels, including the Roush 17-Inch Wheel. With our products, you can rest assured that you're getting the best quality, durability, and performance for your Bronco.

Roush and Ford Performance Collaboration for 2021-2024 Ford Bronco

Roush Performance and Ford have a rich history of collaboration, consistently delivering high-quality, performance-focused products. For Bronco owners who demand the utmost from their vehicles, this ongoing partnership has resulted in some truly fantastic wheel options.

Specifications of Roush and Ford Performance Wheels

The Roush and Ford Performance collaboration for the 2021-2024 Bronco models focuses on both performance and aesthetics. Their wheels are 17x8.5-inch Roush Satin Iridium Gray with a +25 offset. This design allows for enhanced off-road durability while maintaining a sleek, stylish appearance.

These wheels are rigorously tested beyond standard aftermarket requirements, ensuring they can handle the toughest off-road conditions. What's more, they allow for the reuse of OE lug nuts, making the installation process straightforward and convenient.

Testing and Durability of Roush and Ford Performance Wheels

As part of the Roush Bronco R Series Kit, these wheels are designed to deliver optimal off-road performance. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they exceed standard aftermarket requirements. This ensures that they can withstand harsh off-road conditions while maintaining their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Roush and Ford Performance wheels are not just about looks; they're about delivering reliable, trusted performance. The durability and toughness of these wheels mean they can confidently handle any off-road challenge thrown their way, from rocky trails to muddy paths.

Installation and Compatibility of Roush and Ford Performance Wheels

One of the hallmarks of the Roush and Ford Performance collaboration is the focus on compatibility and ease of installation. These wheels are designed to fit 2021-2024 3L or 2.7L Bronco models, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance.

Additionally, the kit is designed for installation by both dealers and customers, whether at a dealership or at home. This means you can confidently install these wheels yourself, knowing they're designed to fit your Bronco perfectly.

At Rad Bronco Parts, we understand that Bronco owners demand the best from their vehicles. That's why we're proud to offer the Roush and Ford Performance wheels as part of our product lineup. These wheels deliver the performance, durability, and style that Bronco owners expect, making them an ideal choice for any off-road adventure.

Roush Performance Bronco R Series Kit for 2021-2024 Ford Bronco

When it comes to customizing your Ford Bronco for off-road adventures, one of the most comprehensive solutions available on the market is the Roush Performance Bronco R Series Kit. This kit is a one-stop shop for Bronco owners looking to enhance their vehicle's performance, functionality, and appearance.

Components of Roush Performance Bronco R Series Kit

The Roush Performance Bronco R Series Kit is packed with a range of components that significantly bolster the Bronco's off-road capabilities. One standout feature is the high-clearance, lightweight, axle-back exhaust system, compatible with both 2.3L and 2.7L engines. This system amplifies the engine's presence, ensuring your Bronco's roar is heard on highways and trails alike.

To further enhance off-road performance, the kit includes a high-capacity air filtration system, designed with a clear monitoring window for easy filter cleanliness checks. This system helps improve the lifespan of your engine while maintaining the Bronco's impressive water fording capabilities.

But what about our focus, the roush bronco wheels? The kit comes with five 17x8.5-inch Roush satin iridium gray wheels, designed for off-road durability. These wheels, paired with 35-inch General Tire Grabber X3 mud-terrain tires, offer excellent traction and control in rough terrains.

Performance and Durability of Roush Performance Bronco R Series Kit

The components in the Roush Performance Bronco R Series Kit are designed with both performance and durability in mind. The high-clearance exhaust system and high-capacity air filtration system enhance engine performance, ensuring your Bronco can handle the rigors of off-road adventures.

The Roush satin iridium gray wheels are built to last, rigorously tested beyond standard aftermarket requirements. These wheels, designed to fit most off-road tires, maintain the Roush Performance aesthetic across the F150 and Bronco models.

Installation and Compatibility of Roush Performance Bronco R Series Kit

The Roush Performance Bronco R Series Kit is designed for easy installation. Whether you prefer to have it installed at a dealership or want to do it yourself at home, this kit has you covered. It's compatible with 2021-2024 Bronco models fitted with 2.3L or 2.7L engines, ensuring a wide range of Bronco owners can take advantage of its benefits.

At Rad Bronco Parts, we're proud to support Bronco owners in their quest for off-road excellence. That's why we provide comprehensive solutions like the Roush Performance Bronco R Series Kit, designed to enhance your Bronco's performance, capabilities, and attitude for every off-road adventure.

Purchasing Roush Bronco Wheels from Rad Bronco Parts

Overview of Rad Bronco Parts

At Rad Bronco Parts, we specialize in providing the best new Ford Bronco parts and accessories, tailored to meet your off-road passion. We're passionate about helping our customers create the perfect custom ride with style and performance. Our selection ranges from suspension systems to tires, and, of course, top-notch wheels like the Roush Bronco wheels.

Benefits of Purchasing from Rad Bronco Parts

Quality and Affordability: We offer only the highest quality products, like the Roush 17-inch Bronco Wheel, at unbeatable prices. Our unique value proposition is to provide high-quality products that are both durable and reliable without breaking the bank.

Expertise and Customer Service: Our team of experts is dedicated to providing unrivaled customer service, ready to answer any question you might have about Roush Bronco wheels or any other part. We're here to ensure you have an exciting off-roading experience.

Fast and Reliable Delivery: We understand that you're eager to upgrade your Bronco, so we are committed to prompt delivery times. Upon completing your purchase, we make sure your Roush Bronco wheels are on their way to you as quickly as possible.

Pricing and Availability of Roush Bronco Wheels at Rad Bronco Parts

At Rad Bronco Parts, we provide the 2021-2024 Roush Bronco 17-inch Iridium Grey Wheel for $339.99. This wheel is not only designed to accommodate most off-road tires, but also features unique Roush Bronco styling, perfect for every Bronco enthusiast.

Availability might vary due to high demand, so we encourage our customers to check our website regularly for updates on stock and new arrivals. If you need any assistance in purchasing your Roush Bronco wheels, contact our experts for guidance.

At Rad Bronco Parts, we're more than a parts provider - we're a partner in your off-road adventures. We're here to ensure you get the right parts, at the right price, right when you need them. Invest in Roush Bronco Wheels, and let's conquer the off-road terrain together.


Recap of Roush Bronco Wheels

In this guide, we have explored the pivotal role that Roush Bronco Wheels play in your off-road journeys. These wheels are not only designed to handle rugged terrains but also add a distinctive style to your Ford Bronco.

We've discussed the 17-inch wheel upgrade from Roush, designed to accommodate most off-road tires. This wheel, available in a sleek Iridium Grey finish, is built for rigorous off-road use and is meticulously tested beyond standard aftermarket requirements.

We've also highlighted the Roush and Ford Performance collaboration for the 2021-2024 Ford Bronco, which brings together engineering prowess, high-quality materials, and an uncompromising commitment to durability.

Finally, we've looked at the comprehensive Roush Performance Bronco R Series Kit, which is more than just a wheel upgrade. It's a complete package that includes a range of performance-enhancing components, from a high-capacity air filtration system to a high-clearance, lightweight exhaust, and much more.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Roush Bronco Wheels for Off-Road Adventures

Choosing the right wheels for your Bronco is crucial to your off-road performance and overall driving experience. Roush Bronco Wheels offer a blend of durability, performance, and style that's hard to beat. Whether you're traversing rocky landscapes, cruising sandy dunes, or navigating through muddy trails, these wheels are designed to take you there.

At Rad Bronco Parts, we're committed to helping you find the best parts for your Bronco. We understand that every off-road journey is unique, and we aim to provide parts that meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for wheels, suspension upgrades, or other performance parts, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

As you embark on your next off-road adventure, the right wheels can make all the difference. With Roush Bronco Wheels, you're not just investing in a product - you're investing in a reliable partner for your off-road journeys. Explore our extensive collection of Bronco Accessories and Bronco Parts, and let's set the wheels in motion for your next adventure.

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