Don't waste space storing those ugly old stock headlights under your work bench or go through the aggravation of selling them to some nitpicker on eBay. With the Paid to Trade program, you can quickly sell your stock lights hassle-free. Collect the cash, keep the garage clutter free, and avoid adding to the landfill! You can receive up to $700 on your stock headlights from Morimoto!



  • Confirm the trade-in cash price by clicking here and entering your vehicle information.
  • Purchase your genuine Morimoto headlights from us here at RADBRONCOPARTS.COM
  • Submit your application to the Paid to Trade rebate program along with proof of purchase here. Morimoto will send you a free pre-paid shipping label via email to print out.
  • After receiving and installing the new aftermarket lights, confirm everything works as expected.
  • Next, carefully pack your stock lights in the box the new lights arrived in, reusing the foam inserts.
  • Apply the provided pre-paid shipping label to the box and deliver the box to the shipping carrier.
  • Once your stock lights are received, inspected, and approved, a check will be mailed to your shipping address.


Prices listed above are for fully-functional, unmodified, stock-only (OEM) light pairs with unbroken mounting tabs (up to two broken mounting tabs can be accepted as long as all pieces are included in the return), uncracked lenses (scratches or rock chips from normal usage are acceptable), and no internal water damage. Lights that do not meet these conditions are not eligible for trade-in or payment. If only one light is received and matches condition requirements, payout will be half the stated pair value. It is your responsibility to confirm the condition and part number of your stock light. Our trade-in partner's professional inspection staff will assess the lights based on the expectations defined here. Their judgement on part number, condition, and thus, value is final. We are not able to return your lights to you if you change your mind. Be sure that you are fully satisfied with your aftermarket product before returning your stock lights. To participate in the program, you must return your stock lights within 90 days of receiving your new set. After 90 days, trade-in values are subject to change. Pre-paid trade-in shipping is only available within the continental United States. All transactions are additionally covered by this website's terms and conditions.


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