Bilstien Ford Bronco 6100 Front Shocks Sasquatch 4 Door

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Bilstein B8 6100 (Ride Height Adjustable) shock absorbers are designed for trucks and SUV's with a front OE coilover style suspension. Multiple snap-ring grooves in the body allow for different spring seat positions, providing an adjustable ride height range of 0-3 inches (depending on application). The B8 6100 (Ride Height Adjustable) utilizes a large 60mm digressive piston. This will provide a smoother ride while offering more control over rough terrain. The B8 6100 (Ride Height Adjustable) will provide increased durability and heat dissipation, making them perfect for vehicles subjected to rugged roads and harsh conditions.


  • Self-adjusting deflective disk valving
  • Factory-rebuildable
  • Independent rebound and compression tuning
  • 14mm piston rod
  • 1/2 in. Heim ends (German Graphite)
  • High-flow piston reduces harshness
  • Standard 8 to 14 in. travel lengths
  • Coilover 5 to 10 in. travel lengths
  • Available in standard body and coilover
  • Adjustable 0-1.6" Front Lift
  • Comes with 2 Bilstein Part # 24-318594
  • Rear Shocks Available Here



4 Door Bronco With Sasquatch Package (Front Only)

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