Kicker Key 200.4 Bronco Amplifier Harness

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Bronco Kicker Key 200.4 Amplifier Harness Kit

Enhance your Ford Bronco's audio experience with the Bronco Kicker Key Harness. This plug-and-play wiring kit intercepts the high-level speaker signal from the factory head unit, sending it to the Kicker KEY200.4 amp and back to the speakers through the factory wiring. Specifically designed for the new Ford Bronco (non-amplified/non-B&O) base audio systems, this harness makes upgrading your audio system effortless.

Kicker Key Harness Features:

  • Plug & Play Installation: Fully plug-and-play for easy setup, no cutting or splicing required.
  • Compatibility: Only compatible with base audio systems in the Ford Bronco. Not suitable for upgraded factory audio systems.
  • Comprehensive Install Kit: Includes a pre-installed waterproof fuse, ring terminals for battery and chassis attachment, a power wire to reach the battery (approximately 17ft), and a 3ft ground wire.
  • Effortless Installation: Simply route the wires and attach them to the battery and chassis for a quick and clean install.

Upgrade your Ford Bronco’s audio system with the Bronco Kicker Key Harness for superior sound quality and an easy installation process. Order your Bronco Kicker Key Harness today and enjoy a seamless audio upgrade!

Kicker Key 200.4 Features:

The Kicker KEY200.4 amplifier comes with A.I.-driven DSP, a special microphone, and a selector switch. To automatically EQ and time align your system, all you need to do is place the microphone on the driver’s headrest and press the button. A special lab grade pink noise track (free download from Kicker’s website) is played through your system, while the powerful processor determines speaker size, measures frequency response and arrival times from each speaker, and automatically makes the required adjustments

  • 200 Watts Of Power (50x4)
  • Auto EQ Microphone With Selector Switch Included
  • Compatible with Start/Stop Vehicle Technology
  • FIT2™ Technology Included
  • Turn On Via Remote 12v Signal Or DC Offset
  • Auto 40-Band Equalizer
  • Bi-Amp Capability (Defeatable)
  • Auto Compressor (Defeatable)
  • Kicker EQ Preset (Defeatable)
  • Auto Time Alignment (Defeatable)
  • Auto Level Adjustment (Bi-Amp Mode Only)
  • Auto Speaker Size Detection
  • 24dB Crossovers
  • 60/80/120hz High Pass Filter (Defeatable)


  • 2021 - 2024 FORD BRONCO & BRONCO SPORT
  • 2021 - 2024 FORD F150
  • 2020 - 2024 F250 - 350- 450
  • 2021 - 2024 FORD MAVERICK
  • 2020 - 2024 FORD EXPLORER 

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