KC HiLiTES 2021+ Ford Bronco FLEX ERA 3 Dual Mode SAE Fog Light Pocket Kit

KC HiLiTESSKU: 97168

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Featuring a combination of on- and off-road lights, the KC HiLiTES Fog Pocket Kit for 2021+ Ford Broncos features one pair of FLEX ERA® 3 Dual Mode SAE Fog Lights and two pairs of FLEX ERA® 1 Master Kits. Complete with a Bronco-specific daisy-chained wiring harness to simplify the installation, this kit will take the nighttime performance of your Bronco to the next level.

For the sleekest on-road and off-road lighting setup for a 2021+ Ford Bronco, the factory fog pocket location in the steel bumper is the only way to go. The Ford Bronco Fog Pocket Light Kit from KC features an array of street-legal fog lights for the pavement and high-power off-road lighting to use while tackling the trails. The kit includes everything needed, from mounting brackets to wiring harnesses, changeable beam pattern lenses, and more. With the included harnesses, you can switch between street-legal fog lights and offroad lights with ease using your factory-equipped Upfitter switches. 


On-Road and Off-Road Performance
The KC HiLiTES Ford Bronco Fog Pocket Kit includes two street-legal FLEX ERA® 3 Dual Mode SAE Fog Lights that provide an extremely wide field of view to will fully illuminate the immediate area in front of your Bronco on and off road. This kit also includes four Flex Era 1 Off Road Lights This combination provides added long-distance and horizontal coverage for greater visibility when on the trails at night.

Wiring Made Simple
Featuring a custom, daisy-chained harness that cleanly links all six lights together and puts them onto only two separate circuits: street mode and off-road mode. Wires directly into your factory-equipped Ford Upfitter switches.

Street Mode vs Off-Road Mode
When using the Street Mode circuit, the Fog Beam on the FE3 DM SAE and the Amber Backlights on the FE1s will power on.
For the Off-Road Mode, the full power Fog Beam + Spot Beam on the FE3 DM SAE will power on as well as the full power mode of the FE1 lights.

Extra Lenses Included

The fog lights will come preassembled with Clear Lenses, and will also include Selective Yellow Lenses in the box for an easy swap depending on your preferences.
The FE1s come preassembled in Spread Beam, and also include Spot Beam lenses if you need further distance from your Bronco Fog Pocket Kit.

Precision Engineering and Quality Components

The mounting brackets for the Ford Bronco Fog Pockets are made of black powder-coated steel for ultimate longevity to survive anything you throw at them
They are also engineered specifically for O.E. Ford Bronco Steel Bumpers as a bolt-on application that doesn't require any drilling, cutting, or modifications.

-2021+ Ford Bronco
NOTE - Factory Bronco Steel Bumpers only, not compatible with OE Plastic Bumpers.


KC Part # 97168

FLEX ERA® 3 Dual Mode SAE Fog Light
-Lumens: 3,682 lm / 5,949 lm
-Lux: 94.4 lx / 199.8 lx
-Candela: 9,440 cd / 19,984 cd
-Wattage: 35W / 55 W
-Amp Draw: 2.9 a / 4.5 a @ 12V
-Voltage: 9V-36V
-IP Rating: IP65
-Product Dimensions: W - 3.6" x H - 3.5" x D - 2.6"

-Lumens: 2430 lm
-Lux: 45.1 lx flood / 162 lx spread / 310 lx spot
-Candela: 4510 cd flood / 16200 cd spread / 31000 cd spot
-Wattage: 5W / 23W
-Amp Draw: 0.44 a / 1.94 a
-Voltage: 9V-36V
-IP Rating: IP68
-Product Dimensions: W - 2.6" x H - 2.72" x D - 2.9"

SPECIFICATIONS (per power mode)

Street Mode (FE3 SAE Mode + FE1 Backlights)
-Lumens: 7,364 lm
-Wattage: 90W
-Amp Draw: 7.6 a

Off-Road Mode (FE3 and FE1 High Power Modes)
-Lumens: 21,618 lm
-Wattage: 202 W
-Amp Draw: 16.76 a

-(2) FLEX ERA® 3 Dual Mode SAE Fog Lights
-(2) FLEX ERA® 1 Lights (Driver Side)
-(2) FLEX ERA® 1 Lights (Passenger Side)
-(1) Fog Pocket Mounting Bracket Set (Driver and Passenger Side Brackets)
-(1) Complete Wiring Kit for Ford Upfitter Switches
-(2) Selective Yellow Lenses for FLEX ERA® 3 Dual Mode SAE Fog Lights
-(4) KC Black Covers for FLEX ERA® 1 Lights
-(4) Spot Lenses for FLEX ERA® 1 Lights 

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