Morimoto 4Banger LED A-Pillar System for 2021+ Ford Bronco

Color | Beam Type: NCS White | Spot
Harness Choice: Switch Relay Harness
Sale price$497.50


Elevate Your Night Driving Experience

Introducing the Morimoto 4Banger A-Pillar LED system, your ultimate solution for enhanced illumination tailored to your precise needs. Whether you require long-range spotlights for high-speed ventures or side road lighting with ditch lights, our versatile A-Pillar kit stands ready. Choose from our selection of high-performance 4Banger LED pods, available in various beam patterns, and ensure optimal power delivery with our meticulously designed switched wire harness.

Precision-Engineered for the 2021+ Ford Bronco

Crafted exclusively for the 2021+ Ford Bronco, Morimoto's A-Pillar kit has undergone extensive rounds of design, prototyping, and truck-based testing to guarantee a flawless fit. Enjoy a truly modification-free installation, aligning seamlessly with the Bronco's pre-existing mounting points. We set the standard for fitment precision, distinguishing our kit from lesser alternatives encountered during our rigorous testing phase.

Optimal Performance in All Conditions

Our LED system is designed to excel in any weather. Choose the white-output version for comprehensive visibility, or opt for the yellow-output variant for unmatched performance in adverse conditions like rain, snow, or fog. Our choice of Phosphor-Converted Yellow LEDs ensures superior penetration through atmospheric particles without sacrificing output, a significant advancement over traditional yellow-lensed lighting.

Uncompromised Reliability

Morimoto commits to reliability without compromise. The 4Banger's advanced design features a copper DTP (direct thermal path) PCB for exceptional heat management, leading to a high-performing radiator optimized through extensive thermal analysis. With an electroplated and powder-coated cast aluminum shell, IP69K standard compliant components, and meticulous gasket design, our product promises enduring performance against all weather conditions.

Streamlined Wiring and Cable Management

We believe in the beauty of organization, which is why our bracket design includes multiple mounting points and cable routing clips. These features ensure a tidy and secure routing of your LED pod wiring into the engine bay, connecting effortlessly with Morimoto's switched relay wire harness for a dependable and neat installation.

Unrivaled Lighting Performance

The Morimoto 4Banger LED pod light, with its patent-pending design, sets a new benchmark in the industry. Every element, from the advanced optics optimized with LucidShape to the cutting-edge LEDs from Nichia and Osram, is proprietary. Available in three leading beam patterns – Wide/Fog, Spot, and Combo – each tailored to specific lighting needs, ensuring unparalleled performance.

Comprehensive Beam Options for Every Need

Our beam selection caters to a wide range of requirements:

  • HXB Combo Beam: Ideal for everyday driving in remote areas, providing a perfect blend of width and distance illumination.
  • HXB Spot Beam: Offers unmatched long-distance visibility, ensuring you never outpace your light.
  • HXB Wide Beam: Maximizes near-field visibility, effectively illuminating the area directly in front of the vehicle.
  • NCS Beam Options: Include Combo, Spot, and Wide beams, each designed to enhance your driving experience with medium to long-range visibility and wide-area illumination.

Engineered for Compatibility and Street Legality

The superior design of our A-Pillar brackets ensures compatibility not only with Morimoto's 4Banger LED pods but also with products from leading brands like Baja Designs, KC Hi-Lites, and Diode Dynamics. Our Spot and Combo beams are SAE J581 compliant as auxiliary high beams, and our NCS Wide beam models meet the latest SAE standards for street-legal fog lights. For full compliance with local regulations, consider our optional Blackout Covers, designed for easy installation and removal.

What's Included in Your Kit

Your Morimoto 4Banger kit comes complete with everything needed for a transformative lighting upgrade:

  • LED Pods: Two high-performance Morimoto 4Banger pods.
  • Bracket: Bronco Specific A-Pillar Bracket
  • Hardware: All necessary stainless bolts and cable clips.
  • Wiring: A premium Morimoto 4Banger Switched Relay Harness or Upfitter Harness, ensuring seamless integration and reliability.
  • Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Elevate your Ford Bronco's lighting with the Morimoto 4Banger A-Pillar LED system, where innovation meets reliability, designed to illuminate your path with precision, performance, and unparalleled quality.

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