Can you flat tow a ford bronco

If you are an avid road tripper, off-roader, or just love the classic look of a Ford Bronco, then you may be wondering: can I flat tow my Bronco? Good news! You can certainly flat-tow your Bronco, but there is more to it than that. Flat towing involves connecting one vehicle directly to another and taking them down the open highway – in some states, this practice even requires special permits. In this blog post, we'll cover everything you need to know about getting set up for a successful flat tow with your Ford Bronco – so buckle up and let's hit the road!

Overview Of Flat Towing And What It Means

Flat towing a vehicle, sometimes referred to as "dinghy towing", is the process of securely towing another vehicle without putting its wheels on the ground. It involves attaching the towed vehicle to a tow bar, which is then connected to the trailer hitch on your tow vehicle. This type of towing allows you to transport one car while driving another and can come in handy when moving or transporting a car or truck which isn't able to drive itself. In terms of what it means to flat-towing a Ford Bronco, there are particular guidelines as far as preparing it beforehand. It must have its electronic system set into “tow mode” via an OBDII adapter and also have its exhaust disconnected from the engine; however, once these tasks are completed, it can be safely flat towed.

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Can You Flat Tow A Ford Bronco – The Answer Explained

Flat towing, also known as “towing with all wheels down,” is an easy and efficient way to tow a vehicle. While it works for most vehicles, it isn’t always the case when it comes to the Ford Bronco. While some individual models can be flat towed, not all Ford Broncos are capable of being towed in this manner.

Can You Flat Tow A Ford Bronco – The Answer Explained

This is due to certain factors inherent in the model’s design, such as automatic or manual transmission and whether the power to the wheels is available while the vehicle Is not running. It’s important to take these key points into consideration when determining if a Ford Bronco can be flat towed because safely doing so will save time, money, and headaches over time.

Different Types Of Tow Vehicles For Flat Towing

When it comes to flat towing, a variety of tow vehicles can be used, depending on what you plan to tow. SUVs make great tow vehicles due to their positioning and power capabilities, as they are higher off the ground than trucks and provide ample space for cargo. Some models are designed specifically with flat towing in mind, such as Ford Motor Company's Bronco, which was built for those seeking an ideal tow vehicle with plenty of strength beneath the hood. Although the Bronco can be effectively flat towed without an additional baseplate or trailer frame attached, there are still other considerations that should be taken into account before making your decision. Do some research beforehand to ensure you select a vehicle that is both capable and compatible for safe flat-towing.

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What To Consider Before Flat Towing A Ford Bronco

Flat towing a Ford Bronco can be an attractive way to transport your SUV, but it is important to understand the implications of flat towing before making the decision. You should be aware that flat towing a vehicle could put stress on the transmission, cooling system, and drivetrain, resulting in potential damage or large repair bills.

What To Consider Before Flat Towing A Ford Bronco

If you are concerned about additional wear and tear, you may want to consider a tow bar or dolly attachment rather than outright flat towing. Additionally, any modifications necessary for properly flat towing a Bronco must be done correctly and in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Considering all of these considerations will ensure you make the best decision when selecting how you will transport your Ford Bronco.

Prepping Your Ford Bronco For Flat Towing

Flat towing your Ford Bronco can be a great way to travel and explore, but there are several steps you need to take before you tow your vehicle. First, check your owner’s manual for specific guidelines; if flat-towing is an approved option for your model of Bronco, read the recommended wheelbase and other specifications outlined in the manual before you get too far along in the process. Next, make sure to install high-quality tow bars and base plates that are compatible with the Bronco and up to the task of towing it safely wherever you go. Also, confirm that any added cargo or devices won’t interfere with your braking system under various road conditions. Lastly, if necessary, purchase an auxiliary braking system designed specifically for flat-towing a Ford Bronco so that you drive away with peace of mind knowing both you and your vehicle are safe!

How To Safely Secure Your Bronco For Flat Towing

Flat towing your Ford Bronco sounds like a great way to get out and explore, but it’s important to note that not all models are able to be flat towed. Before heading out, you should make sure you’re safely securing the vehicle for flat towing. This can be done by investing in a device known as a base plate, which attaches securely to the frame of your Bronco.

How To Safely Secure Your Bronco For Flat Towing

Once attached, it enables you to attach the tow bar directly. It also helps support any self-aligning arms or brackets if your model of Bronco requires these by law. To ensure other safety measures are taken when flat towing, including setting your brakes into the neutral mode, disconnecting the battery, or disabling the engine; remember that consulting with a professional is always suggested when flat-towing any vehicle for added precaution.


Flat-towing a Ford Bronco requires more planning than towing other vehicles. Safety takes precedence, which is why it’s important to research the process and strictly follow manufacturer guidelines and state regulations. Make sure to prepare your Bronco and vehicle in advance, allowing plenty of time for any necessary repairs. If you take the right steps and adhere to safety protocols, you can easily flat-tow your Bronco with confidence. Moreover, for those with an experienced hand at flat-towing or who have done some research into their specific situation--it can be quite simple and safe. At the end of the day, knowing the ins and outs of reliably flat-towing your Ford Bronco is essential for any long trips with this vehicle.

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