How to Recalibrate your Bronco Speedometer using Forscan

1- Set Tire circumference 

2- DTC's will be set in 2-3 modules that will need to be fixed.

3 - To fix the non-PCM DTC's, run the AWD relearn. Don't run the PCM relearn (it doesn't work).

4 - Clear the DTC's. All should be cleared except PCM.

5 - Run the PCM reset-all-adaptations service function. This will fix the size mismatch and also clear the PCM DTC. It will relearn the engine/trans/fuel adaptations over time while driving.

6 - Confirm all DTCs are cleared.

7 - Install a free speedometer app with tenth-mph readout on your phone and testdrive to confirm speed is within 0.5mph at 60mph cruise control. For new tires, the actual speed should be a little higher than speedo. For worn tires the actual speed will be a little less.


Please proceed with caution using forscan and backup your files before proceeding.  we are not responsible for any adverse affects.

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